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lisA gentile


just when

i thought

the rain



streaming everywhere 11/20/20

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start flying

The new album 


Lisa is no stranger to making records. She grew up in the studio watching her father produce and arrange records and began recording and producing her original songs in professional studios at 15. Her sound is contemporary pop country with powerhouse vocals that are backed with pop orchestrations reminiscent of Burt Bacharach, Clive Davis and Motown. Independently, she has released 4 albums of original music: Live In The Stairwell, Becoming, Three and A Country Compilation, which received a Syracuse Area Music Award (SAMMY) for Best Country Record. 


The forthcoming album “Start Flying” will be her debut digital release. All 11 songs are self-written but one she co-wrote with her sister. Lisa produced the entire record with the help of Nashville producer and drummer Adam Box (Brothers Osborne) who co-produced 7 of the 11 songs. She tracked at Adams's studio, the Gilded Palace, in Nashville and completed the record at the infamous Dreamland Recording Studios in Woodstock, NY (engineered by Matt Chiaravelle and Ken Helmlinger. also mixed at Dreamland by Ken Helmlinger and mastered by Grammy nominated Joe Lambert).

​“This record is my life’s work. I’ve written many songs, but these are closest to my heart (spanning from age 16 to present) and I feel in my gut that they especially have something to offer the masses. So after years of searching for waiting for the right "executives" to think they were worthy of recording, I finally decided to do it myself, my way - and I finally found my sound. But the truth is, it was never missing. I just had trust myself. These songs are my stories. M stories live in my songs. If you want to know who I am listen to my music, don't "stalk" my instagram.”












Guys Like You may be one of the most important songs I’ve ever written. It is an integral part of my story and career — echoing the silent struggle I was frequently faced with as a young female artist trying to succeed in a predominantly male run music industry.

Money was flowing, powerful men were on the prowl and at times it felt like women had little option but to play their game, if you wanted the once-coveted “record deal”.  Empty promises, quid pro quo was where it was at. If you chose the high road you were written off.


I didn’t play the game and the price was high.  Producers, managers and big deals came and went.  Sometimes it was difficult not to lose faith but I persevered and I now credit those experiences for the strong woman I am today.


Now I’m back with my fourth record and I think it’s my best work yet. This time I did it MY WAY, on my own terms. The only deal I made was with myself: To BELIEVE in my own power.

This song is my tribute to all the strong women and survivors that continue to inspire me every day. I hope you enjoy it and rock out a little too!


-Lisa G.


"She's a tender storyteller who weaves tales of life as a woman finding her path through the experience of what it means to live, love and be loved while being bold and feminine at the same time. Staying true to her moods and close to her roots, Lisa inspires quite effortlessly with a stunning voice that soars and takes you along for the ride."

- Time Out Magazine, New York

"Lisa Gentile shows she's got it. . . On stage Gentile displayed that she's the proud owner of fine original songs . . . "Sweet on You" is as catchy a love ballad as most of the stuff on contemporary country radio these days. And live, Gentile's got plenty of it-factor.  She charmed the fans who were crowding into the shade in front of the stage with an easy way."
- The Post Standard, Syracuse, NY


"Lisa Gentile, country singer-songwriter, performs a soul-searing set . . . pop-country aficionado and winner of 2007’s Best Country award, performed a genuine, heartfelt set that featured the airy 'Sweet On You', a tune from her EP '3' (Padre Music). Gentile’s performance also included an impulsive rendition of her tune 'Tell Him How You Like It', a feminine call to arms that describes the methodology women should use to instruct their man in sexual matters.
- The New Times Paper; Syracuse, NY

"A tuneful, toneful singer with a smile as big as her voice." 

- The Eagle Newspaper, Syracuse, NY











- Rambles Cultural Arts Magazine

". . . As a singer, Lisa sneaks up and plants melodies in the listener's head, that stick in the brain hours after hearing them. As a songwriter, she's not afraid to flex her musical muscles and still maintain her femininity."

- CNY Music and Art.com

"A great pop artist from New York, who could very well give the likes of Tori Amos and Shania Twain a run for their money. Killer vocals and foot tapping arrangements that hook into you from the first listen."

- AOR-Europe.com

"This singer/songwriter writes beautiful lyrics that are poetic and swift with a packed punch...Lisa gives her music life through brilliant orchestration. Her music is a form of storytelling following a similar artistic technique used by Billy Joel throughout his body of work. Hearing stories in this controlled medium was an extraordinary aural experience that was like a cup of chicken noodle soup that soothed the soul. Lisa’s talents are equally matched by a superb auxiliary behind her to whisk us away." 

- Celebrity Cafe Online Magazine

"The beautiful Lisa Gentile has come up with  three songs ('3'-Padre Music) that are decidedly crossover country, on the same trail that Shania blazed, with at least as lovely a voice. By the time you're through with that 2nd song, you'll seriously wonder why you've not heard of Lisa. Perhaps you have. You should. She's super - and luckily not just by voice. The recording of this single is crisp and professionally produced."

- Music Dish E- Journal Online 


"Lisa has a strong, classy voice with the songs to match. . . With the current musical climate swinging more to the singer/songwriter, I think that we should be hearing a great deal more from Lisa if this CD "Becoming" (Padre Music) is anything to go by."

- PowerPlay Magazine


"The smooth flowing cowgirl in her will lasso your soul in rapture."

- AudioRocket.com

Contact Lisa: lisa@lisagentile.com

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