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It's not her unmistakable voice, her striking stage presence, or sweet signature sound that make Lisa Gentile a one-of-a-kind artist; it's her dedication, resilience and passion to create and persevere in the industry she’s been rooted in. 


Born in Syracuse, NY Lisa’s been singing since she can remember. and started out like many young girls do as the lead in Annie. After years of commuting to NYC for auditions and filming, at age 10 Lisa’s family moved to NYC so she could pursue a music and acting career full time. She attended the prestigious High School of Performing Arts and graduated from Bard College with a BA in Music. At 23, Lisa was discovered by producer and songwriter Keith Diamond of Polygram Records, best known for his hits with Billy Ocean, Mick Jagger, Michael Bolton. They began work on her first record, but he died in the middle of production. Lisa continued to write and collaborated with multi award winning writers and producers; Loris Holland (Jive Records, Mariah Carey), Robbie Robertson (The Band), Dave Greenberg (MaMuse, Ruth-Anne Cunningham, Idina Menzel) and others. She has received National Radio Airplay and International recognition for her independently released albums: (Becoming (LP-2000), Three (EP-2003) and A Very Country Compilation (LP-2006) which received a Syracuse Area Music Award (SAMMY) for Best Country Album. Lisa has performed in over 300 venues, stages and festivals throughout the US. 


Start Flying is Lisa Gentile's latest album that transcends music genres while celebrating life’s ups, downs, and triumphs along the way. Available now on all streaming platforms, the record is comprised of 12 self-written mini anthems that take us on a journey of life. Masterfully produced, Lisa demonstrates her unique ability to fuse pop, country, rock, and soul, creating her own signature sound. Up-tempo songs Sweet on You, Drive and On the Water celebrate the simple things in life while her vulnerable side comes out in Lifeline, a haunting song about loss and Piece of Me, a moving piano, vocal ballad and Stuck with Me, a poignant duet featuring artist Rick Huckaby about a passionate love that drives you mad. Guys Like You is a rock, soul power anthem with a strong message as a female artist trying to succeed in a male-dominated industry. I Drank the Cooking Wine a mid-tempo classic country drinking song with a twist of insane and in songs Rise, Shine and the title track Start Flying you will find hope, encouragement, and inspiration. Closing out the album, Just When I Thought the Rain Would End, a truly authentic 80’s power ballad written and recorded by Lisa at just 16 years old sung with a writing vocal maturity well beyond her years. 


On the album, Lisa shares, “This record is more than just my songs and stories. It’s a representation of my growth as an artist and producer. It’s me turning each no into a yes; proving to myself and the world that I can fly in the face of adversity. When someone truly believes in you, it should never be based on age, appearance, sexuality, gender, race, relationship status or how long you’ve paid your dues in a town. But instead on the quality of your art and work ethic. Do not tell me what I cannot do. Timing is everything and this is my time to fly… my way.”

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