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Growing up surrounded by music icons, Lisa was primed for a career in show business from an early age. She’s daughter of producer, arranger and songwriter Mickey Gentile (Motown) and recording artist and songwriter Jennifer Lambert (Decca Records). Together, Jennifer and Michael formed a super songwriting duo contracted by Screen Gems-Columbia Music. Many hit makers including Marvin Gaye, Frank Sinatra, Smokey Robinson, Mary Wells, The Shirelles, Connie Francis, Brenda Holloway, Chris Cark, Billy Eckstein, Barbara McNair, Tammy Terrell recorded their songs and the list goes on.


Lisa’s journey as a performer began as many little girl singers often do; as the lead role in Annie and then starring in various local and regional theater productions. At 8 years she began commuting to New York City to audition for Broadway and television roles.  When she started landing roles, her parents and two younger sisters uprooted from their childhood home in Syracuse, NY to Manhattan so she could continue to pursue a career in entertainment that the ball really started rolling. Soon she was starring in national commercials, TV specials and various stage and musical productions.


While most of her fellow high school graduates dove straight into the industry Lisa longed for just the opposite – a life away from the world she had grown up in, away from the city and a formal music education. She decided to go back to her roots and spent her first semester at The Crouse Conservatory of Music at Syracuse University, but after being diagnosed with severe dyslexia she new she needed a smaller more intimate learning environment and transferred to Bard College a small Liberal Arts school tucked away in the Hudson, NY.  There, Lisa formed a band with Rory Makem of The Makem Brothers called, Lisa, Lisa and the Country Jam and her love of Country Music began.


Her first big break came almost immediately after college when discovered at The Bitter End by producer Keith Diamond (Billy Ocean, Mick Jaggar, Sheena Easton). They began working on her first major label record, but it came to a halt when Keith died suddenly of a heart attack. Heartbroken to say the least, that didn't stop her. She finished the songs and took them to producer Dave Greenberg (Patti Rothberg) and released them in her first CD, “Becoming” which sold over 10,000 physical copies from the stages across the country and garnered the attention of NPR and radio stations around the globe. Her follow up EP “Three” had two singles hit number one twice on the MP3 charts alongside John Mayer and her LP “A Country Compilation” won on SAMMY Award (Syracuse Area Music Award) for Best Country Record.


Robbie Robertson, the head of Music Supervision for DreamWorks Films at the time, also took interest in Lisa after hearing a work-tape of her song "Shine" that was inspired by her grandmother.  She was asked to fly to Los Angeles to record a demo to be considered for the theme song for the movie "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" alongside Sarah McLachlan, Bryan Adams and others.  Bryan Adams got he spot, but it lead to a production deal with DreamWorks Records. After a year of living and writing in L.A. she was shelved and eventually ended up losing the deal due to management complications. 


Lisa is not afraid to speak up about her #metoo experiences in the music industry that she experienced along the way, from big name producers and venue owners that remain nameless by choice. She even wrote a song about it called Guys Like You, a rock forward anthem for victims and survivors of sexual assault. It was the first single from her record "Start Flying", strategically released one week before Election Day 2020 and the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which secured women's right to vote in the U.S. Constitution.


is near if you
y o u r faith

the present

Throughout all of the ups and downs of Gentile’s career, she has not given up and has no intention of ever doing so. Currently releasing singles from her self-written and produced album "Start Flying", Lisa is garnering attention from Internet and Triple A Radio Stations across the country. "Start Flying" is a testament to Lisa's talent as a writer and producer with classic yet original arrangements that tribute the influences she grew up with. Authentic vocals (you won't find any autotune on this record) genuine storytelling reflect the every day joys and struggles of relationships and following your dreams. Lisa knows just when to break out in her  signature powerhouse belt and bring it down and with sultry and sassy conviction. Prepare to be to be not only inspired, but ready to fly!


the future

Look for Lisa's new album "Start Flying" to be released later this year, but in the meantime enjoy the latest single releases from the record on your favorite streaming platforms.  We are busy planning our live shows and  radio tours and interviews. 


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